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If You Want Change, then Keep Reading!

If you want out of your marriage, join the crowd.

But getting what you might want is not always a clear path.  Attorney herein is known for taking the different path and thinking outside the box; and that is how results are often obtained,  not necessarily by doing everything the same way as everyone else.

Many people have hired several attorneys, and still not obtained results.  Issues such as financial disputes or child support are generally not as involved as custody disputes, however, with high wage earners the financial issues can be huge.

Attorney has heard many stories over the years, but attorney does not just rubber stamp solutions.  Solutions and tactics require more than just following the rules or law, strategy is a key component.  If this was not the case then any dumb fool would be winning every case they had?

Since many of our clients have already lost part of their cases, it is very important to understand what made the client’s case a “losing” battle.  In some instances, clients chose the wrong attorney; in others, the attorney was not diligent enough, or aggressive to point that was required. Or sometimes, the former attorney was not focusing correctly on the issue at hand, and gave too much weight to “non issue” situations.

Key to every difficult case that attorney works on, is whether the client did or did not have a winning strategy.  In most cases, there appears to have been no tactical strategy used at all.  Some attorneys just calculate support and rubberstamp the mediation reports.  They fill out the forms, make their points.

Some attorneys always fight the mediation report, even if they don’t want trial–that’s normally to build more hours of attorney time in my view.

Winning any case requires keen diligence at the very beginning, asking many targeted questions, and specifically focusing on what will or would be required to prevail.

In some instances the facts are so bad, there is almost no chance of winning the case at the beginning….BUT over time,  things can be done to dismantle the harm that was already there before the case came in.

For example, if you have already lost at mediation, but partly that was due to the mediator using evidence that was never shown or disclosed to you– that is actually both unfair and prejudicial. In other cities (not in Butte County), the mediation rules are very stringent.  In Butte, they don’t even mail the mediation results to the parties, and they usually do not make the 10 day deadline prior to court.

Call attorney today and find out whether your entire case is something that attorney can handle,  or whether your specific issues can be tweaked to obtain better results.

A hopeless case might seem  impossible, but in most instances…there is always a way to do something…and if there is anyone who can give life to a wrecked case, it’s probably Go Tiger Legal, the attorney who never stops trying!  Call attorney today 530.359.8810